Thursday, December 5, 2013

All Thailand Ranchu Show 2103.....

It was with much deliberation and after much consultaion with my Thai friends that I decided to attend the 2013 All Thai Ranchu Show. Also on the agenda was the idea to visit some ranchu breeders. The political upheavals have caused much anxieties, traffic jams and escalated violence and the comp site was just 10 minutes from a university where students fought with police, someone got shot and a bus was burnt.
Nevertheless the only event I saw was this huge colum of cars all carrying the Thai national flag and from what I was told...they were heading to one of the TV Station to exert pressure on the Television Centre to broadcast their grievances.

According to the All Thai President Nattavut, there were much thoughts by the show committee deliberating whether to go ahead or to cancel this annual event as fear for safety of contestants and visitors is a heavy responsibility. Also will the turnout and participants be a dampener. As the event unfolded, entries dropped about thirty percent and instead of the two hundred odd bowls for this annual affair, this show only garner 150 bowls...taking into consideration the crisis facing the nation, those in attendance and participating must be true blue ranchu keepers.

Below are the winners and as the show was held in door with artificial lightings...the photos weren't well apology and also my photo skills are just

                                          Oya Class Winners.....

 Nisai Class Winners......

                                 Tosai Class Winners...

                           Small Tosai Class Winners....
 Junior Tosai Winners.....


The Oya winner and the Grand Champion Mr Prapun....


  1. Thanks for sharing.. I dare not to go at this moment.. :)


  2. Glad to know that you had safe and fruitful trip to Thailand.

    Thai hobbyists are really more "on" than us. No?

  3. Hi is not that bad as what I fear and read from the papers. Except of around government buildings...the rest of Bangkok activities as per normal

    Hi Jenson...yes the Thais are very passionate keepers, but in Sg there are also many passionante keepers and very on.