Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sumoranchu Sittitanyakran.....

Affectionately known by his name Sumo and a soft spoken giant of a man, Sumo is one breeder that I been wanting to visit for a few years now. He is a business man by trade dealing in health related products and his free time is spent managing his fishes which are all housed in 15 tubs on the roof top garden of his home.

Sumo started out playing ranchu as a student and refined his craft along the way and all in all he had 15 odd years ranchu experiences.



I really enjoy this trip to Bangkok...the food and the hobbyists I met are great and I get to learn much from Sumo especially the genetic side of breedings. Here is a breeder who is very confident in his fishes and have in depth feel of what might come out in his pairing of his seed fishes. Like quite a number of hobbyists and breeders in Thailand, Sumo is very into Okayama fishes especially Kashino. He have deep respect for Master Kashino and have glowing words of Kashino fishes and how he uses Kashino bloodline to develop his own line. From the three spawns I saw at his home...the uniformity in type and high percentage of good identical large tails are exemplary. I hope I have many chances to visit Mr Sumo again over the coming years and learn from this young master of his ranchu crafts.


  1. Enjoying your blog.. thank you spending your time sharing your experience with us.. on the pairing..looks like mr.Sumo uses one long fish and one shorter fish? or it was just the copy and paste?... thanks..opera..

  2. Bro Richard, for Master Sumo breeding projects, did he mixed between bloodlines, or using purely Master Kashino Bloodlines? I'm quite interested in knowing how Master Sumo created his own bloodline from using Master Kashino's bloodline. Of course, provided if both you and Master Sumo is willing to share the experiences with us.

  3. Bro,
    I really wish to join you at your Thialand trip. Thanks for sharing the pic.. :)

  4. Hi Jon,

    I think both parents are of resonable good length...I was just sent the video of the fries(about 4 weeks old) and all display long body.

    Hi Jenson,

    Yes Bro Sumo does mix his line, but his baseline is Kashino and that was how he started his line uisng initially Kashino fishes and adding other lines to streghthen his gene pool.

    Hi Fred,

    If you have any interest, we can plan for next year and we can meet either in Singapore and fly to Bangkok or meet at Bangkok itself.

    Best Regards