Monday, July 6, 2015

Oom Amm....The Consumate Team Player!!!

I have been communicating with Oom for many years now and have always enjoy his sincerity and pleasantly warm attitude. He always have deep respect for his seniors and appreciate those who have mentored him in his ranchu journey.

Many years ago while in the company of Mr Thana, Vice President of the Thailand Ranchu Club, Mr Thana mentioned Oom as one of the young groomer that he hope will help carry on the good ranchu tradition in Thailand and I honestly believe Oom will fulfil that role very well.

Oom is always very clear about his role in his club and fully support his club activities..impressing me with the attitude of club before self.

In 2010, while attending the annual All Thailand Ranchu Show, I witnessed Oom tosai fish which he groomed extremely well and it grew so large that it was entered in the adult Oya Class. Not only did Oom won the Oya Champion during that show, but that tosai also won the overall title of Grand Champion which is a remarkable feat. Never one who takes glory all for himself, he expressed gratitude to those who helped mentored him and helped him achieve so much success in the competition.

Just two months ago, Oom shared his trip to Japan where he spent some time with his Japanese mentor, Master Takahasi and he managed to bring back some very nice Takahasi black babies. I was very fortunate to acquire through Oom's assistance, a female Takahasi that I hope it can help improve my broodstocks.

These are Master Takahasi breedings as shown on Kingyo magazine

I managed to visit Oom at his home on two occasions and have come away impressed with his fishes. Oom stay not far from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Some of Oom's grooming...

His set up and tubs all filled with surface duckweeds....



  1. He is very good guy and always have smiling face

  2. Thank you bro Kittisak for sharing your thoughts on Oom.