Sunday, April 26, 2015

Breeding Season 2015...Putting A Shoulder to The Ranchu Wheel.

"If I knew what it was, maybe I could run in the right direction. But I always seem to end up going the other way."  The late Well Beloved Country Singer...George Jones.

 That roughly sum up what I been doing over the past few years in my breeding adventure. Knowing how to go about spawning and grooming, but because of my physical disabilities, I was very much hampered. I have to improvised much of my keeping as changing water and walking to neighbourhood fish shop to buy my supplies of frozen bloodworms was a very tedious chore.

Glad to put all these behind me and after my second successful knee replacement, I am finally healthy and can spend much time fruitfully and hopefully for 2015 Breeding Season. As always before embarking on breeding, the seed fishes were all taken out and quarantine and salt treated.

I started spawning in early December 2014 and by my third spawn, I was already feeling the pressure as the hatch rates were very good and in my third spawn, there were literally thousands of fries...

These are some of my breedings for the year 2015....

 Hope to carry on having another spawn or two as my past years breeding seed fishes are all coming into adulthood.


  1. Very happy for you bro Richard.. You deserve a good breeding.. I think you enjoy your breeding as much as I enjoy seeing your breeder's offspring..


  2. Hi Richard, how are you ? Mitsukake of arofanatics here.. remember hainan yeebua my auntie make? how are you ??