Sunday, December 7, 2014

Visiting Atit ....Master Chef Michelin Class!!

An immensely talented ranchu keeper with that cool, confident look and that warm hearted approach in the way he present himself and his fishes. If Atit is a Chef, he will in my honest opinion be Michelin Class...after all how he confidently present his fishes and shared his masterly opinions is a great show of his ranchu knowledge.


It was a good hour drive away from the Grand All Thailand Ranchu Competition and we intended just to spend an hour or so, but with this visit which all three of us were totally absorbed and mesmerized by Atit's presentation of his fishes, we ended up spending the whole afternoon.  We only magnaged to rush back to the competition to witness the final placings and the presentation of prizes.

 Atit started by bringing us to see all his fishes which lined up along one side of the house. The first impression is how clean his tubs and how spread out he keep his young impression of overstocking and all his young fishes are healthy and full of vigour. Just some past memories flashed back and I remembered the same feeling when I visited Boss Ranchu where all Boss fishes also live in very clean , spacious environment. With much irony Golf mentioned that Attit used to work for Boss Ranchu and I guess the culture of good habits in Ranchu Husbandry rub off from Boss Ranchu to Attit.

 Out came three stools sitting three basins and soon Atit placed some of his finest breedings for all of us to see and shared his opinion of certain features to look out for in the selection of young ranchus.
 It was an usually hot day for the month of  December... by Bangkok standard, and soon Atit brought us tissues to wipe our sweaty face and drinks to quench our thirst.
We could have spent the whole day at Atit and enjoy his witty comments and hospitality, but rush we have to  and we happily left with a few bags of young fishes from Attit.
Oh yes... as a footnote, in one of the many tubs we saw some very good ranchus and Atit said it belongs to A Chonburi. To me that was an immense and happy surprise  to know that A Chonburi is finally coming back and enjoying ranchu...below is one very good fish groomed by A Chonburi.


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