Monday, June 9, 2014

Everything ends, and Everything matters.....Ron Currie Jnr

 It was a good field trip up north to Bangkok for the mid year All Thailand Ranchu Comp and also some farm visits. The weather was extremely hot hovering around 38C and from the airport, my Thai friend, Golf drove 2 odd hours to visit Prapun and to enjoy his manificient Oyas.

The Thai Comp held under a recent coup threw up many surprises. Last year at the All Thai  annual comp and because of the political climate and fear of unrest, entries were affected(130 bowls), but this mid year comp(supposedly smaller comp vs Annual All Thai)held under a recent coup and martial law surprisingly drew entries of 170 odd bowls...quite a few late entries were shelved because there wasn't any spare bowl left.

Just the three Tosai classes yielded 100 odd entries and were mainly dominated by their local breds and three Thai breeders namely Sumo, AorTg and Navamin figured prominently.

This year thus far have been a very busy year for me with breedings and work and with the proliferation of Facebook and Watsapp messaging, I been kept continuously in the ranchu loop. As I hunker down at this mid year break and it is definitely going to be a break.....


  1. Uncle Richard like to wish you speedy recover and more solid breedings next year.

    Don Wee

  2. Dear Bro Richard,

    Nice sharing, I'm awed by the grand level of the Thai comp, it's really an eye opening even by looking at pictures shared by you and the Thai bros.

    Hope you will recover the soonest and enjoy the hobby once again. Even break can also enjoy the fishes (maybe won't be breeding until you're totally fit to do it again). But I'm sure you make yourself a great Ranchu Journalist so far, thanks for all the sharing so far!


  3. Thank you for sharing... always nice to see the comp in Thailand..