Sunday, February 9, 2014


AC/DC  ....An Australian Band I used to rock to during my younger days and what an appropriate way to remember AC/DC as two nights ago, the air hose to my Black Babies tub was dislodged from the main splitter and I suffered much casualties.

As much as I am careful and do have two AC/DC air pumps to back up my ever steady Hi Blow, but there wasn't  any air outlet from the AC/DC to back up my Black Babies tub. If there is, at least if any power trip or dislodgement of air hose, the AC/DC pump would provide additional 6-8 hours of bubbling. In this case, there was a dislodgement of the air hose; so it is human error and I lost quite a substantial amount of Black Babies. It is good to once in a while  check all air tube connections.

Breeding is time consuming and energy sapping. Just as I thought I can sit back and enjoy this year spawns, mishap happened. Nevertheless I hope I can spawn again as what I have left from the set back is good enough to spur me to breed again.....I wish I  could have save more of the Black Babies... I have to cancel some sales agreement and also cancel some decent culls that I intend to give some new ranchu players.


  1. Felt sorry for your loss, and pity for those new ranchu players that are getting decent culls from you.

    Even the professional athlete who owned the major shows/competitions would make mistakes every now and then. I came across a quote that says "We aim for progression, not perfection".

    While having a day job that keeps you busy, you still have to take care of your existing TVRs, juveniles, and now many more fries, I believe it's common that one or two mishaps might happen, as one simply cannot manage so much at any given time.

    Hope your breeding will be fruitful until the end of this year breeding season and continue to produce quality TVRs to benefit all the local and overseas players, as well as newbie like me.

    Cheers and I know you're the man who never give up easily and always been trying to do better time after time, just felt pity for the fish lives losses, no one want to see their babies die, including myself, hehe...

    Hint: they're still doing fine here, I'm trying everything optimal I can for them.

  2. Jenson...thank you and appreciate your thoughfulness.


  3. Sorry for your loss.. to see those potential bbr loss is really heart breaking...